Project Participants


Hilary Jeffery (England) e-mail:
Trombonist and composer, improvisor and performer. Studied at Dartington College of Arts, University of York and with Jim Fulkerson at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, Netherlands. He often composes and performs for theatre and dance productions.
Recordings include collaborations with the electronic music group Germ, the instrument inventor Hugh Davies and with his group Sand. Sand also perform in the UK and around Europe in a wide variety of venues including a graveyard in London, a squatted car park in Paris and the Volksoper in
Vienna! In improvised music he has played with Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Helge Hinteregger and Christoff Kurzmann amongst others. Work in progress includes the formation of two new performance groups: 'Kreepa' a European electronics/improvising enesemble and 'All Motion' a new dance group based in Vermont. He composes instrumental and electronic music and is a memberof The Barton Workshop - a new music ensemble based in Amsterdam.

Yolande Harris (England) e-mail:
(1975) is a composer and visual artist concentrating on the boundaries between disciplines through performance, improvisation and event. Her compostions often use graphic or visual scores, and explore the changing roles of composer/performer/improvisor. Her work increasingly incorporates sound and moving image (video) placed in site-specific space in live performance. She began her studies in history of art, music and philosophy at Edinburgh University, and completed her first degree in twentieth century music composition and performance at Dartington College of Arts (Devon UK). After living and working in Palma de Mallorca and the Netherlands she moved to Cambridge University (UK) where she completed a postgraduate MPhil in architecture and the moving image based in the department of architecture.
Yolande has studied composition with Peter Sculthorpe, Lou Harrison and Frank Denyer. During residencies at STEIM in Amsterdam she worked on real-time video manipulation, an issue she further explores in her collaboration with Bert Bongers. Her compositions have been performed by Joanna MacGregor, the Composers Ensemble and Evan Parker. She is now living in Barcelona.

Shigeto Wada (Japan). e-mail: His web site can be found here.
Composer. After finishing BEd at Niigata University (Japan) by musical composition, joining to BA in Music at University of East Anglia. But withdrew at 1st year and converted the course into MMus in Electro Acoustic Composition from the next Sep. Recent interests are "conversion" and "animation". Works > on homepage. Pianist. Prized as Highly Commended of regional final of EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) UK piano competition. Publisher. Issuing "MAX i MUM" (MAX/MSP magazine)
Also having experience of making film with non-linear editing on Macintosh.

The Netherlands:

Cléo Palacio-Quintin (Canada) e-mail:
(1971) grew up in Québec province and studied music at the Université de Montréal (Canada) where she completed a Master degree in Flute Performance specialized in contemporary music (1997). Her previous studies also bore on different styles of music (classical, pop and jazz) and her work in the fields of music analysis and ethnomusicology as been of a great influence on her musical development. She did several performance courses with Robert Dick, and composition courses at the CEAMC (Centro de Estudios Avanzádos en Musica Contemporánea, Buenos Aires 1997), IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Création Acoustique/Musique, Paris 1999) and Dartington International School of Music (1999). In 1998-1999, she was supported by the FCAR (Fond pour les Chercheurs et l'Avancement de la Recherche, Québec) to study flute performance with Anne LaBerge and to work on new compositions in Amsterdam. Since then, she lives in Holland where she is very active as a performer/improviser/composer. She is now studying at the Institute of Sonology of the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag to extend her flute playing and composition works with live-electronics. She builded a system of electronic controllers on her flute to be able to send data to a computer while playing. The acoustic sound of the flute can then be processed by the computer which is always under the control of her hands. Her creative activities have been supported by the Council of Arts of Canada and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Cesar Villavicencio (Brazil) e-mail:
Born in Peru in 1968. After following musical studies in São Paulo, Brazil, obtained the soloist diploma in recorder at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague.
In the field of the contemporary music his main focus of interest is the development of new techniques which give the recorder the possibilities of interacting with the electro-acoustics. He created, in cooperation with the Sonology Department of the Royal Conservatory, a MIDI counterbass recorder which interacts with the environment of improvisation and live sound processing.
As far as baroque music is concerned, he has performed with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and periodically teaches and performs in music festivals in Brazil and Peru.



Davide Tosato (Italy). e-mail:
My name's Davide Tosato, 1962, I live in Padua, Italy. I got organ, music didactic and electronic music diplomas at the local Conservatory "C. Pollini". I was conductor of a choral for 8 years (1986-1994). I followed various improvement courses like "The art of Bach's organistic interpretation" at the Cattolica University of Milano, informatic music and csound programming at the CSC, Computing Sonology Centre of Padua and "course for specialits in informatic music" at "Tempo Reale" in Florence (Art director Luciano Berio). At present I'm studying composition with M. Bonato Giovanni at the local conservatory

Simone Dal Maso (Italy). e-mail:



Martin Schüttler (Germany) e-mail:
(1974) Composer. He studied with Diego Feinstein (Kassel), Nicolaus A. Huber and Ludger Brümmer at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany. His work contains pieces for solo instruments, works for orchestra, for choir and ensembles, tape music, sound installations and film music. Most of the instrumental compositions
use electronics or live-electronics, trying to combine the diffent rooms of physical and electro-acustic music. His main interests are the artificial connotation of electronic music, the noisy sound-spheres of the rough electronic peculiarities, making the medium cognizable and the aspect of the room as an filter of perception. He received several awards, including a performance at the Nachwuchsforum junger Komponisten in Frankfurt and the Stipendienpreis der Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2000. At the moment he lives in Karlsruhe, where he works as an artist in residence at the ZKM.

Corinna Kniffki
(Germany) e-mail: