Yolande Harris and Bert Bongers of the Maas Interaction Lab lead the fifth Meta-Orchestra. Sound and mobile projections rebound through invisible networks over the four floors of empty industrial terrain. The interactivated building invites the audience to play their way up to the next level, as part of the collaborative score-space of the Meta-Orchestra. 

The Meta-Orchestra 2005 are: Hilary Jeffery, tromboscillator; Cesar Villavicencio, eraserecorder; Jos Mulder, infrastructor; Sebastian Harris, architect-camera; Bert Bongers, interactivator; Yolande Harris, audiovisual-composer; Seamus Cater, harmonicas. They were joined by Michal Rinott and Dieter Vandoren.

Preparation 26 - 30 April 2005 in the Mine-Building

Performance 30 April 2005, Mijngebouw, Waterschei, Genk Belgium.

Programme of festival see www.facelifters.net

This festival on interface research is a collaboration between TOR (Genk), Stichting Intro | in situ (Maastricht), Maaslab (Maastricht) and Raststaette (Aachen). It is supported by the Dutch and Belgian Limburg provinces in the form of 'inter-limburg funding' for culture.